When I began thinking about an installation for Art at the Rendon, there were no apparent solutions and I knew I would have to let the ideas unfold in their own time – although there wasn’t much of that.  

What I did know is that I am drawn to ideas of memory, experience and the soulful residues left behind by people as they inhabit, use and pass through physical spaces. Just as my ideas for an installation would have to unfurl over time, the layers of energy have been growing denser in the rooms of the Rendon Hotel with every generation of residents. I am aware of my experience of these energies, even if I cannot identify them.

I knew I wanted to work with materials that are fluid; not structured or dense. Light weight. Elusive. Layered. Materials that will conceal and reveal and abstract compositions that will raise more questions than they answer. To me, these materials have attributes like the snippets of experiences I want to convey. More poetry than documentary. More guided than directed. I want to create presence in the space without adding weight to it. I’d like the room to speak for itself. 

Art at the Rendon - An Install

Sun, June 3, 2018
11:00 AM – 8:00 PM PDT

The Rendon
2055 E. 7th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90021

ART AT THE RENDON is an ongoing series of creative programs featuring art, musical performances, lectures, artist residencies and film screenings all designed to celebrate and support the arts.

In keeping with the rich history of the site, ART AT THE RENDON seeks to continue fostering creativity in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District by creating a dynamic space for art, performance, and celebration as well as rest and contemplation.

Starting with an activation of the entire vacant hotel, ART AT THE RENDON will begin with the multi-sensory event HIDDEN ROOMS. The inaugural event, curated by Cindy Schwarzstein of Cartwheel Art, takes place on the first weekend of June 2018. The concept is to utilize all three levels of the building and every one of its 50 rooms. HIDDEN ROOMS will feature artists, muralists, musicians, and performers. Every corner of THE RENDON will be transformed into an interactive community-centric installation. HIDDEN ROOMS is the first of what will be an ongoing presentation of cultural programs hosted at The Rendon prior to and subsequent to its refurbishment. This is truly just the beginning.

The environments created throughout the building, including the corner dive-bar and parking lot will feature over forty-five artists. The following are currently confirmed, with more TBA:

ARTISTS // Abcnt / Abel Alejandre / Aiseborn / Atlas / Augustine Kofie / Baker’s Son / Big Sleeps / Beau Stanton / Bisco Smith / Calder Greenwood / CALIFORNIA LOCOS / Christina Angelina (aka Starfighter) / Clinton Bopp / Chaz Bojórquez / Darcy Yates / David Lovejoy / Dave Tourjé / Davia King / Dytch66 / Emmeric Konrad / Francesca Quintano / Gabriella Fash / Gary Wong / Guerin Swing / INDECLINE / James P. Scott / Jacqueline Palafox / Jeff Ho / Johnny Cubert White / John Van Hamersveld / Joseph “NUKE” Montalvo / Jose “PRIME” Reza (K2S) / Josh Webb (aka Joex2) / Kelcey Fisher (aka KFiSH) / Kelly “RISK” Gravel / Keya Tama / Lisa Schulte / MAN ONE / Maria Greenshields-Ziman / Mark Dean Veca / Michael Torquato deNicola / MYMO (aka Mimo Mali) / Moncho 1929 / Mr. Trixter / Natasa Prosenc Stearns / Nicholas Bonamy / Norton Wisdom / Ralph Ziman (aka Afrika47) / Restitution Press / RETNA / RhoXRose / Robert “Sticky” Shaw / Sarah K. Walsh / Shrine / Sma Litzsinger / Stephen Seemayer / Susan Feldman / Tanner Goldbeck // Teale Hatheway / VALTD / Vanessa Chow

SUNDAY’S MUSIC // Jesika Von Rabbit / Purple Mountain Majesties / Tom Freund / Vignes Rooftop Revival

BENEFITING // Proceeds will benefit Institute of Contemporary Art Los Angeles (ICA LA) and Artshare L.A. The donation to ICA LA will benefit the museum’s learning program with Metropolitan High School. Both have an impact on our Arts District community.

COMMUNITY SPONSORS // A + R / Angel City Brewery / Artisan Craftsman & Supplies / Bread Lounge / Califia Farms / Cartwheel Art / Dia de los Puercos / DromeBox / Iron Triangle Brewing / Greenbar Distillery / Lost Spirits Distillery / Lucky Jack Coffee / Pizzanista / Silverlake Wine / Stumptown Coffee Roasters / The House of Machines / The Pie Hole / The Spirit Guild / More TBA


  • Eventbrite ticket with the suggested donation of $20 is required for entry
  • Capacity is limited
  • This is a private event.
  • Dia de Los Puercos food truck will be available for purchase with a percentge of sales to be donated to ICA LA and Art Share L.A.