“Initially I was drawn to the formal beauty of her paintings, but as I became more familiar with her work, I began to sense her deeper, more profound engagement with the life of the city… The architectural details she chooses to render, though ambient in our daily experience, assume an elevated importance when isolated in her paintings, and we become aware of how rarely we allow them to punctuate our stream of vision. There is undeniable poetry in her work,.. Bucking conformist trends in art making, her work exalts tradition, while retaining just enough room for concept to ignite imagination.”
– Mark Steven Greenfield, Artist and Former Director, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery 
“Haunting, kinetic, ephemeral but grounded. Witty, esoteric just beautiful!” 
– Shana Nys Dambrot, Art Critic
I first met Teale about a decade ago at the Brewery Art Walk while I was in graduate school. It was the first piece of art that I ever bought and, as you can imagine being a grad student in Art History, it was a really big deal both financially and personally. That experience, exciting and enlightening, has set the standard for what I expect from the experience. Since then, I have continued to be a patron and admirer of Teale’s work. Having worked with her and been a witness to her process, she is professional, dedicated, responsible and serious in her craft. Being lucky enough to count her as a friend, she is thoughtful, generous, creative and fun! These two sides come together in her beautifully rendered, precise and unexpected architectural masterpieces. 
 – Katherine Z., Professor, Art History
“Teale Hatheway knows Los Angeles like a great historian, loves it like a great citizen, and captures its essence like the great artist she is. As a pal and ally in various showy endeavors, I’ve seen her skill and passion kept rooted in her sanity and calm, her nerve and grit rooted in her intelligence and hunger for accomplishment. I’m a 21-year Angeleno now uprooted to the Coachella Valley suburbs and my two Hatheways keep alive for me what the city of my heart looks and feels like, and how dedicated artists like her keep its action hopping and its legacy preserved.”  
-Brian Doherty, Author
“I am honored to have several Hatheway originals in my home! I find her art and talent to be unique and highly personalized and her professionalism exceptional! She has captured special places and times in my life in such creative ways and I am grateful to have these moments commemorated in such a special forum. I look forward to definitely working with Teale again!”                          
– Devon Kaiser, Collector
“I loved talking to you and am so happy you will be creating a piece for my client. I love your creativity and your mad crazy amazing technique! I look forward to knowing you and the revolution of this piece of art.”  
– Barbara Gromfin, Interior Design
“The accessibility of her chosen subject matter plays a key role in how she connects with an audience and subsequently, how the audience connects with their physical surroundings. Her paintings serve to connect diverse audiences by showing them the culture they share as opposed to the social impositions which divide.  The beauty and puzzle-like nature of Teale’s paintings entice viewers into action and encourage them to withdraw from technology and return to connecting directly with the physical environment surrounding them.” 
– Isabel Rojas-Williams, Executiv Director, Mural Conservancy Los Angeles