Escape from the Grid - Cityscape Street Light Painting – Teale Hatheway


Community​ Sourced Street Light Series
​Acrylic, gold leaf, metal leaf on paper.
7” x 5”

And how the people fled! Anyone with enough money to escape the central city did. Short term rentals in remote locations are BOOKED. Yachts, ranches and vacation properties have become residences. Remote workers are re-considering their locations. It’s fascinating.

I’ve mostly stayed put, aside from the short travel between me and my family: winding my way into Pasadena was my retreat. It’s a city known for its abundance of trees and quiet neighborhoods. I found this incredibly tall, lean, super-model of a street light nestled among the foliage. She was gorgeous. Suddenly, the intensity of the city was another lifetime ago.

This is an original acrylic and metal leaf painting on paper​.