Delicate but Durable - Cityscape Street Light Painting – Teale Hatheway


Community​ Sourced Street Light Series
​Acrylic, metal leaf on paper.
12” x 12”

What is it about Prague? It’s strapped with all the weight and all of the glory of history. Caught between two worlds. I traveled there alone, years ago and fell in love. There is craftsmanship at every turn, artistry in every nook. It swirls with the glee of  immense culture and is quieted by the wisdom of experience. 

I love this light from Prague. Its Art Nouveau curves rendered in open ironwork are pretty and light weight. And yet, how long have they been there? What have they witnessed? I’m not sure, really. But I find these lights to be a reminder that small gestures are the framework on which we can thrive.

This is an original acrylic and metal leaf painting on paper.